Can law enforcements recover files deleted with the built in file shredder?

No, they can not. iDER permanently delete files by corrupting (writing gibberish) to the said file 20 times, then unlinks it from the tree structure and remove it from the file system.

How do I access iDER’s main page from the stealth page

To access hidden features from the iDER stealth page (the harmless notepad) use the following shortcuts. CTRL + SHIFT + I CTRL + SHIFT + D CTRL + SHIFT + T

Can I move iDER’s installation and work environment folder?

No, it is advisable to not move any folder created by iDER so nothing breaks.

What things are covered in support?

In brief, we are responsible for the features that are advertised in the theme. So we will do the following: – Solve bugs if there is any (bug means if any feature is not working as it should) – If you have any question we will answer it – After your installation if you face

How many shortcodes/blocks/elements are there in SaasLand?

There are over 200 shortcodes/blocks/elements in SaasLand. You can use any block/element into any page as you want.

What happens after my support is expired?

After the 6-month period is over you can buy extended support. You can buy extended support in the beginning, too. I that case you get a 1-year support in total.

Is the theme supported?

Yes, SaasLand comes with ThemeForest’s standard 6 months support. We conduct the support via theme’s “Comments” section and also our support ticketing system.

How many websites can I use SaasLand in?

According to Envato’s licensing, you can use SaasLand or any other theme on only one website. If you want to use it on multiple websites, you must buy multiple licenses.

How do I repair an item?

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