Can law enforcements recover files deleted with the built in file shredder?

No, they can not. iDER permanently delete files by corrupting (writing gibberish) to the said file 20 times, then unlinks it from the tree structure and remove it from the file system.

How do I access iDER’s main page from the stealth page

To access hidden features from the iDER stealth page (the harmless notepad) use the following shortcuts. CTRL + SHIFT + I CTRL + SHIFT + D CTRL + SHIFT + T

Is WooCommerce available in SaasLand?

Yes, WooCommerce is integrated and fully functional in SaasLand. You can build your own store using SaasLand.

Is SaasLand Gutenberg compatible?

Yes, SaasLand is compatible with Gutenberg.

Is SaasLand WordPress 5.0 compatible?

Yes, SaasLand is compatible with WordPress 5.0 and higher versions.

What page builder is integrated into SaasLand?

SaasLand comes with “Elementor” which is a very advanced, drag-n-drop page builder. For Elementor related issues, you may check their support: https://elementor.com/support/